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Handcrafted leather patterns

This small shop is a way to share with you the patterns I designed and polished for my clients. These are all tested and fine-tuned until they are ready to be shared on this leather pattern shop.

Nest - Multipurpose Card Holder PDF Template (+Tutorial)

Wings 2 - Bi-fold leather Wallet PDF Template (+Tutorial)

Flap Bi-fold Cardholder Template (+ making-of video)

Vertical Bi-fold Cardholder Template (+ making-of video)

Colbys - Leather wallet for credit card and french ID card, Template (+ Making-of Video)

Pen Sleeve - Classy Pen Holder PDF Template (+Instructions)

Guitar Pick Holder - PDF Template (+Instructions)

Luxury Leather Zipper Pouch PDF Template (+Tutorial)

Hug - Minimalist Card Holder PDF Template (+Tutorial)

Clippy - Multishape Cable Holder/Organizer

MacBook Pro 13" Sleeve/case PDF Template (+Tutorial)

MacBook Pro 14" Sleeve/case PDF Template (+Tutorial)

About Me

I started leathercraft at the end of 2020, first for myself, making small goods I needed. Then I decided to answer some friends and colleagues' needs and started building a good catalogue. I decided to start selling the templates I make. These are strong templates I use all the time.

I'm a digital designer, so I care about precise and finished templates and files: be assured, you will get quality products. (both digital and finished ones)

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me for any question using this form or directly on Instagram.

If you want to know what tool I use to sell, I use Payhip. It's free 😉